About This Project

Digitive and Reqroute –

Each client has its services under the umbrella of staffing solutions, each based out of the USA.
Thus, Chaipani carried thorough market research for top staffing agencies in the USA covering the most
trusted sources including Forbes. In brief, Chaipani carried the following points –
1. Carried a top-quality Competitor Analysis study. It covered the top competitors' website research,
unique selling points, offerings, customer service, and functionalities of the website.
2. We also provided a systematic comparison of the Online Presence of our clients with the top-notch
competitors to identify faults and give valuable recommendations. This includes Social Media and
Websites in terms of user-friendliness, engagement, the freshness of content, color schemes, etc.
(Content + SEO audit)
3. We also provided valuable insights about the current technology, predicted market size, industry-
specific consumer sentiment, latest trends picking up (Consumer sentiment analysis + Industry overview

Market Research
market research