Weave your brand with storytelling

In a society where everything is highly automated and digital, a human touch has become invaluable. We owe this in part to an internet dominated by convenience and instant gratification. In such an environment it is not feasible for businesses to distance themselves from their consumers. In an era of a short life span, it is imperative for businesses to pull at the heartstrings of their consumers in order to gain an edge over the competition. This is where brand storytelling comes into play. With a narrative that perfectly weaves the facts about your brand with emotions that connect your consumers to your product is definitely the way ahead.

Gone are the days when all a brand needed to do is tell the customers why they need their products, in order to stand out in the market, it is essential for businesses to start talking about why their brand exists, why it matters, and how it can make the consumers’ life better. That said, here are some more reasons why storytelling matters and how it can rocket propel your brand to the stratosphere.

In an era of short attention spans, live rent free in the minds of your consumers.

We live in an overcrowded world. Every day over 500 million people login to their instagram and scroll past an ad every four posts on their feed. Millions of content pieces are made every second and businesses that spend billions of dollars on their marketing activities are competing for milliseconds of attention from your consumers. So how do you make sure that your brand even manages to reach your target audience? All you need to do is be different. 

Instead of talking about facts and testimonials, wrap your marketing message into a story that gives your consumers the message in the most simplest form, connect your products and services with emotions and experiences that your audience goes through every single day. Find out what you want your brand to be remembered for, and drive the message home with an emotional punch. This will ensure that your brand stays in the minds of your consumers long after watching your ad, or viewing your social media post. 

Don’t hunt for new users, turn existing ones into megaphones for your brand

Apple is a technology company, but anyone who has come across marketing material from Apple will be able to tell you they sell experience. Apple built itself as a brand that’s ahead of the curve with an image that inspires people to be bold, to think differently and innovate products that disrupt and change the way we think about technology. Why did they do it? To build an army of loyal consumers that will swear by their products. Don’t believe us? Ask someone who owns an iPhone to recommend a phone.

From its very first ad that saw a sledge hammer destroy an IBM machine to the recent WWDC keynote events, Apple weaved itself with a captivating story of innovation, a story that’s synonymous with the brand itself to an extent where Apple’s best sales team is the consumers themselves. So yes they have laid a perfect path for brands to build a story and what’s more, you can totally copy the model without getting lost in the crowd. All you need to do is find what makes you unique, how this can relate to your audience and then you make this your entire philosophy. Do this well, and soon you will see your consumers turn into brand advocates. In simple terms, marketing megaphones for your brand.
It’s obvious that it’s a lot more profitable to be human, especially in this digital age. So why keep trying the same when all you need to do is simply connect with your audience’s emotions and watch your brand turn into a legacy. So why wait, let’s begin a conversation about how we can help position your brand the right way with a winning strategy.

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